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Welcome to my website...


The Story of My Life

I'm in the midst of completing a proposal for a biography of Ed McBain/Evan Hunter. The work goes slowly, since I don't have access to his papers until a trip to Boston in July.

In the meantime, I'm working on the biography of the two cousins who made up Ellery Queen. You can learn more with this video:


Gone, but not forgotten!

In the past few weeks, there have been two notable mentions of my books as ones needing more notice. I was named in a list of best overlooked titles and then again at the recent Bouchercon panel on Voices on the Margin. Be sure to check both of these out -and take their advice and pick up copies of my books.


New Projects

One of my latest projects is a second volume of American women mystery authors of the 1940s and 1950s. Tentatlvely titled Murderous Matrimony the new volume is going to cover authors married to mystery writers and/or married sleuths:

  • Frances Crane
  • Kelley Roos
  • Craig Rice
  • Richard and Frances Lockridge
  • Patrick Quentin
  • Helen McCloy
  • Delores and Bert Hitchen

Hearing is Believing...

The Audio version of The Scent of Murder, narrated by the talented Erin Coker is available as are Intent to Sell: Marketing the Genre Novel and Pulp Icons.

Atomic Renaissance came out from Audible recently as did Under Investigation and Who Was That Lady? is currently being reviewed for publication. Take a listen to it here. 


Where in the World is Jeffrey Marks-iego?

In 2015, I plan on attending Bouchercon. I'm also hoping to do some research trips that may involve New York, Boston, Florida and other places in the US.


Murder Must Advertise - constantly



Genre fiction titles generated over $2,000,000,000 in 2011, yet few guides on book marketing will tell you how to best promote romance, mystery or science fiction novels. The brave new world of independent publishing is included as well as traditional and hybrid publishing.  

Most of the titles on book promotion deal with non-fiction, which is significantly different (and in many ways easier) than genre fiction. 

The fourth edition of Intent to Sell
is the only book designed to help authors learn about how to market their own popular fiction novels; it's a wealth of knowledge on how to approach the ever changing market of book promotions. 

The book includes marketing strategies on:
launching a new fiction title
promoting a series 
what to do if the book is nominated for an industry award
radio and television interviews
etiquette in approaching reviewers and media 




My very own Canine Crime...

Meet Tuppence (aka Penny) who is the newest addition to the family. She's named after Tuppence Beresford, a character in the Tommy and Tuppence stories by Agatha Christie. She gets into almost as much trouble as her namesake.....

Marketing tip of the month: The updated Murder Must Advertise website has a number of sources on the latest ways to market your book.

I'm enjoying the aggregator Hootsuite, which can handle multiple platforms easily. You can segregate your feed into categories by people or topics. It's easy to use and is only $10 a month for their professional version. 




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